Buns Of Steen® Ankle/Wrist Weights are specially designed with extra soft smooth elastic Neoprene fabric to provide the best comfort to your skin, as well as absorb moisture and sweat quickly during your intensive workout. Say no to cheap poor quality ankle weights on the market! These Buns Of Steen® Ankle/Wrist Weights give you the best product with sturdy interlocked stitches to increase durability and longevity. They also come with a big adjustable Velcro band to ensure a customized fit to your ankles/wrists, thus preventing bouncing during your workout. 



• INCREASE OUTPUT: Enhance the variety of exercises and help you to step up your workout routine

• VERSATILE: You can incorporate these ankle weights into your daily workouts like Running, Leg Lifts, Bicycle Crunches, Donkey Kicks, Arm Toning, Dance, Stay At Home Workouts, Physical Therapy, and more.

• IDEAL FOR ALL AGES AND FITNESS LEVELS: Portable and lightweight that can be used by Men and Women. Also great for senior to improve leg strength & rehabilitate after injuries or surgery

• MULTI-USE: Can be attached to ankles and wrists for maximum performance



• 1kg Each (2KG or about 4LBS TOTAL) 18”L x 4”W- Pink (SOLD OUT)

• 1.5kg Each (3KG or about 6LBS TOTAL) 18”L x 4”W- Purple

• 2kg Each (4KG or about 8LBS TOTAL) 21” L x 5”W- Black

Buns Of Steen® Ankle/Wrist Weights