”Teaching at the gym, filming fitness videos with different fitness companies, and private training was a great experience for me. But once the pandemic hit, I was out of a job because training at that time involved working out in person. One of my students suggested I start teaching Zoom workouts online, which I did, and they became very successful. When the world opened up again, I started losing my clients to the gym and had to pivot and start selling my recorded workouts On Demand for those who couldn’t work out with me in person or who live in a different country and can’t make my Zoom classes.”

Nicole Steen getting ready to lead you on a calorie burning Twerk dance workout. Grab your gear and feel the burn

"Twerking originated out of the bounce music scene of New Orleans in the late 1980s, and in addition to being a fun dance move, it'll give you a really great booty workout. Zumba fitness instructor Nicole Steen teaches these six empowering workouts, which are great for a variety of dance levels and especially fun for women — though, of course, people of all genders can enjoy them.” -Woman’s Day

Hit your dance grove with Nicole steen latin cardio dance workout.

Cardio is more than just running on a treadmill! This Latin-dance workout proves you can get your heart rate up while shaking your hips and shimmying your shoulders. Nicole Steen, a cardio dance expert at Equinox, knows how to keep you moving and to keep it fun. New to dance? No worries, we offer modifications. Press play and get ready to cha-cha.- PopSugar Fitness


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30-minute Cardio Dance Workout